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Lil B drops his 63-track mixtape “Thugged Out Pissed Off”


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Lil B is ending the year with a mammoth release, dropping his 309th mixtape Thugged Out Pissed Off today, featuring 63 (yes, you read right) new songs from the Based God. As always, the collection of songs is built on B’s staple subjects of money, girls, partying, and being Based, over mostly trap-influence beats. It’s a marathon listen (and download, if you’re keen on that) but the God’s fans are already vibing off it, including big fan Earl Sweatshirt. Need some more turn-up music for today? Check it out below. And if you’re really after a fun way to enjoy the tape on this NYE, why not take a drink every time you Lil B says ‘BasedGod’?

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