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Blood Orange is currently streaming his second album, Cupid Deluxe. Between producing for the likes of Solange and Skye Ferreira Dev Hynes (previously known as Lightspeed Champion and a member of Test Icicles) has managed to put out this follow-up to 2011 Blood Orange debut Coastal Grooves.

The album has appearances from Dirty Projectors, Clams Casino, Kindness and Despot, as well as vocals from Caroline Polachek of Chairlift and Hynes’ girlfriend Samantha Urbani of New York band Friends.

The 11-track LP is full of lush sounds, synth, smooth vocals and some exotic elements like marimba on the first track Chamakay, and sax on tracks like Uncle Ace.

The album is available for release on November 18, but for now you can stream it in full. Take a listen through YouTube above.

Hannah Scholte