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Weekly updates

It’s been a while since we heard from Chippy Nonstop, our internet pal / musician / cover star / voice of a digital generation. So when a fresh new track from Chippy arrived in our inbox this morning, we decided to check in and see what she’s been up to. You can also check out her brand new song with J-Hawk, titled ‘Peeka’ below. Expect gratuitous Pokemon references, upbeat tempo, and a summer vibe.

Hey Chippy, it’s been a while since we last spoke – what have you been up to?

I’ve just mostly been in Los Angeles, working on an album. I have 13 songs picked out for it. I’m pretty excited =+).

You been keeping busy with any other projects?

Well, I have a bae now, so that’s a project. Lmao.

I mean it’s summer time here, so I’m just having fun and finally starting to put out some new music. Trying to take it to the next LVL, ya feel?

So your LP is on the way huh, what can we expect? 

It’s pretty diverse. It’s def still “Chippy” as people like to say. There’s a lot of dance club tracks with ethnic influences and there’s a few more pop sounding tracks and there’s a lot less rap “ratchet” sounding tracks. I got a lot of my close friends producing on it like the M|O|D boys, one track by Penthouse Penthouse, J-hawk,  Pat Lukens and More.

When are you expecting it to drop?

I’m hoping for Mid September, but you know how these things are ALWAYS lagging, but yeah I really want to push it for “Back to School” season in America.

Tell us a little bit about ‘Peeka’.

Honestly, it’s just a fun cute summer song for all the kids to have fun to. =)

I’m glad you’re sticking with the Pokemon theme. That’s not really a question, it’s just tight.

Honestly it’s not on purpose, but it’s cute, I like it.

It’s got a summertime feel to it, is that the vibe you’re going for? 

Yeah for sure, I mean I made it in the summer-ish times and it was hot and I was in L.A. so a lot of the songs are kawaii summer anthems for sure.

How was working with J-Hawk?

It was cool, he’s probably best known for his single ‘Cat Daddy’ with Chris Brown, but he’s actually a really versatile producer and really easy to get along with.

What else have you been up to?

Honestly, I’ve just been planning this LP and trying to get it all together and doing shoots for it and trying to get together music video and stuff for it mainly. =)

It’s always really nice talking to y’all in Aus! I’m still trying to get my ass over there! Hopefully this year though =-) .