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Weekly updates

Melbourne based producer and lover of 808’s, DEER is doing things. Lots of things.

In between shows at the inaugural Paradise Music Festival, opening up for The Underachievers at our Issue 31 launch party and supporting a plethora of international artists including Djemba Djemba, DJ Hoodboi, Paul Devro and Ryan Hemsworth, he has found time to create his first EP right back where his whole adventure started – his bedroom.

Titled Love Hearts, the EP is a good groove. A mixture of pitched up RnB samples from the naughties (think Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and Mario), 808s and driving bass lines. It’s the kind of thing you could play to your girlfriend on a friday night while you’re making something out of Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minute Meals and you want to have a bit of a boogie while you are mashing guacamole and putting a dollop on her nose while she giggles. You guys are very cute.

DEER was recently given the nod of approval from Mishka NYC, who premiered tracks from the Love Hearts EP via their ‘Keep Watch’ mix series. After officially releasing the debut single ‘Fa La La’, Love Hearts is now available in its entirety thanks to Pilerats Records.

Have a listen below.