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Adam Sandler has gathered his scattered feels after being outed as Sony’s most hated actor and is making a come back with two films this year – Hotel Transylvania 2 and Pixels. While I’m sure the first is worthy of a scathing diatribe, I can’t scrape together enough shits to wax about a children’s film. The second, however, has me fucked up something good. Not because I’m sick of Adam Sandler delivering the same joke with different words. Not even because the premise of aliens attacking us using our own video games is as flimsy as Nicole Ritchie’s celebrity image. I’m pissed at this because it put Nicole Ritchie’s husband on a song with my boy, Waka Flocka Flame.

‘Game On’ is a derivative disaster-piece mocked up by someone at Columbia Pictures in hopes of resonating with the youth through their idols. It would be excusable if the song solely belonged to Waka Flocka – a rapper can produce whatever mediocre music they like as long as we know they got a stack to do it (just look at A$AP Rocky’s ‘In Distress’ for Divergent). But they HAD to go and put Good Charlotte on the track. Good Charlotte have been washed up for so long that they released their greatest hits in 2008 and since then we only know them as the band one of the judges from The Voice was in. As a result, ‘Game On’ rests on a hook that takes you back to being driven to school by your mother and being subject to her choices of radio channel. And what’s worse, you know the only part of the song played during the movie is going to be that hook making Waka the virtual side-hoe of the track. Why you gotta do yourself like that Waka?? Listen to the track above, or don’t. Actually don’t. Just go listen to Flockaveli instead.

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