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Weekly updates

Earl just dropped a sneaky new track with about as much context as his disappearing trick in 2011.

He tweeted the YouTube link earlier today with a fairly cryptic title and description. From what we kinda pieced together, Earl’s calling himself Swampman now (why not?) and the track 45 was produced by Alchemist.

He’s sounding way more aggressive than usual on this. Could it be a quick spit to try out a different delivery he’s developing for new content? I like that sound from him but if I’m honest, I’m not super keen on the beat. Seems like it’s a little on the shrill side.

On a slight tangent, is Earl just straight up not part of Odd Future anymore? He hasn’t appeared on any of the Flog Gnaw promotions and based on the YouTube account, it kinda seems like he’s more into this burgeoning semi-sarcastic project dar Qness (darkness, geddit?).

He tweeted on October 10 that he’s finished the follow up to Doris. I’m calling it now, it’s gonna be Swampman on the title and either heavily conceptional or at the very least, very different to what OFWG are doing right now. Remember: more Earl is good Earl.

Sweatshirt on the mike:

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