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Weekly updates

Plurnt kings Flosstradamus have released a new track for those moments when your trap shoulders are sore and you want to chill. Not moving away completely from the sound they helped pioneer, they enlisted the help of female vocalist Elkka to complement a lower BPM flow.

Josh Young released this statement about the endeavor;

“Rebound is a departure from the normal maximal trap sound we pioneered.  We felt that after Mosh Pit and TTU with Waka we wanted to make a song that sounded like something we listen to at the crib, or in the car on the way home from a show. Curt and I are both fans of mellow, downtempo music, and this is our nod to that world. This is an exciting step in a new, more mature direction for us.”

As part of a specially curated 20-track playlist on Spotify, you can stream the new song below and check out the rest of the tracks through Spotify – IF you’re in the USA. For Flossy fans elsewhere in the world play, the Youtube video above.