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Weekly updates

UK based production, DJ and art collective Fly High Society are back at it again, with members Bolts, Monto, Tre’bore and Iglooghost releasing a brand new EP titled Spacebus Vol 1 with, you guessed it, a collection of tracks inspired by out-of-this-world cuts, beats and bleeps. Each of the four tracks is produced by a different member, but there is still a cohesion and clear link that is only achieved by very few collectives. So what are you waiting for? Sit down and transcend above the universe for 14 minutes with the Fly High Society. Limited cassettes are available for purchase through the Society’s Bandcamp page.


1. Bolts – Messages (One 4 Mercury)
2. HLMNSRA – My Venus
3. Tehbis – Jupiter
4. Iglooghost – Saturn Rice

Luke Karakas.