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Weekly updates

This month’s Hand Games mixtape has dropped, featuring more Australian talent for your ears.

And boy is this one a big one. The lineup has got all the names to drop and talent to back it up, including the collab between Big Scary and Jonti as part of adidas’ Unite All Originals project.

You can view a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the Jonti–Scary collab in the gallery above and stream the whole mix below.

1. Seekae – Another
2. PEAK TWINS – So Long
3. Major Napier – Sensitive Fuck
4. Martin King – I’ll Be
5. Yard Duty – Vierboom’s Room
6. The Ocean Party – Quarter Life Crisis
7. Scott and Charlene’s Wedding – Fakin’ NYC
8. Jonti vs Big Scary – Slumming It In Paradise
9. Movement – Feel Real
10. MKO – Snarly
11. Full Ugly – Drove Down
12. The Gooch Palms – Novo’s

Jamie-Maree Shipton