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If you don’t mind a bit of experimental music, give Hot Sugar’s latest EP Made Man a go. The New York producer has been slowly developing associative music techniques which means he steers clear of synths, soundkits and sound programs. A lot of the sounds you hear on Made Man are field recordings which allows a huge amount of creative freedom.

“Sound-wise, everything in this world is my employee. I can turn anything into an instrument then make it play a melody or rhythm,” he said. “If I point to a butterfly or a fire hydrant and say, ‘Hey, you’re in my band now, so play this,’ it will do it and no one can legally stop me.”

The album marks the culmination of his experimentation with sound and the friendships he’s formed along the way. The EP even features a song written and performed by a rat – don’t believe us? Check it out here.

Zoe Annabel