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Weekly updates

Track 2 is the latest Jai Paul single on everyone’s playlist, despite being lifted from a somewhat shady collection of tunes from a fake bandcamp account. Although the leak of the producer’s ‘debut album’ has been shrouded in mystery and a lot of shit talking, it has been confirmed whilst the tracks may not be the legit album singles they were originally labelled – they are all the creations of Paul.

The British singer songwriter’s debut has been highly anticipated since his previous two singles’ release.  For the unfamiliar, Wikipedia reliably labels his music ‘Electro – Pop – Indietronica – Chillwave – Soul – EDM – Post-dubstep’. Confirmed as the demo Str8 Outta Mumbai, Track 2 doesn’t really sound like any of those things. It’s kind of like the chiptune imaginings of a Bollywood gameboy odyssey. Or something. Whatever it is it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Listen to the track here.

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