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Weekly updates

For those who like their hip hop beef, thick and fast, here is the first and only response Kendrick Lamar has given publicly in regards to his controversial ‘Control’ verse that debuted a couple weeks ago. Chatting with Power 106 over the phone, Kendrick elaborates;

Honestly I didn’t know there would be so much speculation behind it, I just wanted to rap you know.  Anybody that knows me, knows that I wanna just rap. I think it’s a case of maybe I should dumb down my lyrics just a little bit. The irony of that line is that the people who actually understood it and got it were the actual kings of New York, you know, me sitting down with them this past week, and them understanding, it’s not actually about being the king of whatever coast, it’s about leaving a mark as great as Biggie, as great as Pac.”

So there you go. Whatever side of the fence you sit on about this all, this was still a classier way of drumming up free publicity than Miley Cyrus at the VMAs.

Mica Nantes