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Weekly updates

As M.I.A.‘s forthcoming album Matangi edges closer and closer to its long drawn-out release on November 5, Maya can’t help but give us more previews of the much anticipated LP. After already launching the lead single Bring The Noize and leaking the tracks Only 1 U and UNBREAK My Mixtape, now the singer–rapper has dropped the fourth and latest teaser, Come Walk With Me.

The song starts off with a breezy, slow-paced vibe until halfway through it suddenly catches you off guard and becomes a bombastic dance anthem led by frenzied tribal drums and chopped up vocals. There’s also a fitting sample of her 2008 track Bamboo Banga – the chant of “M.I.A’s coming back with power, power” – that almost sounds like she’s trying to warn us of her impending comeback. Listen to the full track above.