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Show me a hip-hop fan who doesn’t like Madlib and I’ll shoot ’em. The multi-hyphenate beat conductor is among the most revered in the genre and has mastered the art of Big-Footing: he’s always dropped evidence of his existence while remaining in the shadows. Even labelmate Jonwayne, who shares studios with him, recently said he hasn’t seen him in weeks which is why interviews like these are so exciting.

Speaking with Benji B, Madlib covers all the topics we want him to including his creative process, getting bullyshit with Lord Quas over a girl, his friendship with Dilla, and the release date of the next Madvillain: “hopefully before the end of the world” but they have 10–12 tracks recorded already.

He also spoke on where he’s standing with rap at them moment:

“I’ve lost hunger for rapping I can tell you that. I don’t have much to say anymore, I’ve heard it all and I’m tired of hearing the same thing over and over…I wasn’t really a rapper in the first place. I was more about the music, the beats and records. I’m a Dj, people don’t call me a DJ. If I wanted to mix perfectly I could do it, I just choose not to do it”.

But Quasi ain’t dead yet

“…I’m gonna rap again, but the hungers not there for me at the moment. I’m sure it’s going to come back…”

He also played an hour-long mix with some never-before-heard tracks. No biggie. We’ve broken down the whole thing here – check out the clip above for some interview snippets, SoundCloud for the interview, and the BBC link for his must hear mix.

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