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We knew remixes would come thick and fast after the surprise of Beyoncé’s visual album wore off. But it takes a certain breed to chop, remix and recreate the whole album and include their own artistic visuals. In this case, it took Melo-X. He’s created a hauntingly beautiful, rich, melancholic and ambient EP titled Yoncé-X, which includes breathes new life into the material. Beyoncé should get in touch.

Speaking to Noisey about the creation of Yoncé-X, Melo-X revealed:

“I’ve been doing remix albums for a while now. This Beyonce album was just so revolutionary and had so many layers and stories I kept hearing bits and pieces I could elaborate on. The remix album can also be looked at as a instrumental album because I’m sampling her music the way a producer would sample a old 1970’s record. It’s really a big art and passion project for me. I met Beyonce at a New Years eve party at Solange’s house 2 years ago and gained even more respect and admiration for her.

I bought the album the day it came out and vibed with it until Christmas day. On that night I made the whole Remix EP and spent the next week creating the video pieces and just refining the mixes. I decided to release the project [today] because it is Blue Ivy’s birthday.  It’s like the stars aligned all crazy and I couldn’t pass this chance up”

Stream the EP, download it for free and check out the visual delights below.

‘Drunk In Lust’ visuals by Yung Jake

‘Too Far’ visuals by Julian Schratter

‘9-5 Killa’ visuals by Melo-X

‘Rock It’ visuals by Deshon Dixon

‘Ghost In The Sheet’ visuals by Melo-X

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