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Melbourne cloud rappers Milwaukee Banks maintain a slomo finesse way beyond what the genre even demands. The cut from their Rose Water EP of the same name blends a snail’s pace synth progression with mechanised bleeps and warps them into what sounds like a lonely satellite’s internals. Dyl Thomas’ flow, significantly altered from his Polo Club days, compliments the pitch and tone of producer Edo’s syrupy beats and ambience to great effect.

With a penchant for thick, blanketing electronic tides of sound and wavy trap rhythms, Liverpool-based producer SertOne is a natural match to remix the track. He manages to flip the order and key of Milwaukee Banks’ melody and flow while somehow keeping it fixed firmly on the same musical point.

The track is just a taste of Milwaukee Banks’ upcoming treat; the Rose Water Remixes EP. The compilation will feature reworked tracks by LUCIANBLOMKAMP, Friendships, RaRa and Andrei Eremin. You can grab it off their Bandcamp when it drops on Thursday.

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