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Weekly updates

2014 saw countless successes for Melbourne hip hop artists Mosé + the FMLY. The group comprised of a six piece band fronted by rapper Mosé released two singles which not only attracted the attention of Triple J, but saw their tracks blasted across local airwaves amongst other good things.

In preparation for the group’s forthcoming EP, Mosé + the FMLY have just released a new track titled ‘Lotus Flower.’ The track embodies everything these guys are about; old school cool clashing head on with fresh, futuristic creativity and an unalterable state of chill.

And as if focusing on their own thing wasn’t enough, Mosé + the FMLY is also currently a part of the hip hop collective known as 90s RD alongside other local Melbourne acts including current ACCLAIM fave Baro.

‘Lotus Flower’ gives us a little glimpse in to what’s to come from the group that have already started 2015 off on the right foot. Listen below.