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Gods of the East and West collide on this new single from Raekwon‘s Fly International Luxurious Art, which is due out April 28th. Scoop Deville provides intermittently sawing horns and light piano under some knockin’ breakbeats as Rae and Snoop go back and forth with some gangsta rhetoric. The Chef of course wastes no time letting us know what his priorities are – “if I ain’t rockin’ emeralds and Bentleys, I’m coolin’ in Poughkeepsie”. We’ve all been there.

While this is standard fare for Raekwon, who has become well known for his consistent mafioso raps since the ’90s, Snoop instead muses “do you remember / a real gang member?”. While his work with Katy Perry may have made us temporarily forget, the Doggfather manages to take us back in time for a very brief moment to remind us why he’s one of the greats. Then again, I’m sure that he’ll balance this out with a collaboration with Maroon 5 or a new reality TV show in the next few weeks.

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