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It seems like the directive for remixes these days is to take a track and just make it go as hard as possible. If you’ve been following Ta-ku for the past few months then you’ll know that’s not what he’s about, switching up his usually hard-hitting sound for something a bit more emotional.

The subject in question? Gallant’s ‘Weight In Gold’, a track about as reminiscent of classic soul records as it is future, while somehow managing to seamlessly twist between the two. Ta-ku takes ‘Weight In Gold’, strips it bare, and shakes it clean. It’s a relatively low-key interpretation of the original (it almost sounds like there’s some weird ’70s dub vibe going on here), but any preconception about whether Ta-ku delivers or not becomes apparent very quickly: he goes in on this one.

Check out Ta-ku’s version of ‘Weight In Gold’ in the gallery above, along with the original.

Kyle Setch

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