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Weekly updates

It seems every other day there’s a new release of a video, teaser, cover artwork, interview, news of bizarre rural launches related to Daft Punk’s much anticipated new album, Random Access Memories and you know what? NOT MAD. It’s been almost a decade since the last album, milk it I say.  Ooohh feel the ripples of anticipation….

The thing with anticipation however is often it can really build you up for disappointment. I toss and turn in fear each night, my inner demons battling over the morose possibility that RAM might in fact end up shit, BUT I think my fears have been extinguished because this full version of the album’s first single ‘Get Lucky’ is my JAM right now. Even if it’s not yet mastered, may be leaked and is just a radio edit. Hell, I’ll take it regardless.

I was feeling this track from the first teaser. ‘Get Lucky’ is so optimistic, so unapologetically disco and Pharrell Williams’ falsetto never sounded so smooth and lothario-like, filled out by the funk flicks of Nile Rodgers. I think the track is certainly a good sign of hopefully what else is to come. I’m kinda more interested in what the instrumentals will sound like however. A full track list has now been released (see below) but it’s not that telling. Looks like we’ll have to keep waiting until the album’s full release on May 21st, in the mean time listen to all of ‘Get Lucky’ above.

Track list:

1) “Give Life Back to Music”
2) “The Game of Love”
3) “Giorgio by Moroder”
4) “Within”
5) “Instant Crush”
6) “Lose Yourself to Dance”
7) “Touch”
8) “Get Lucky”
9) “Beyond”
10) “Motherboard”
11) “Fragments of Time”
12) “Doin’ It Right”
13) “Contact”