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Supreme #sadboy Yung Lean has released a new autotune-soaked anthem. The track is actually an alternate version of a song featured on Thaiboy Digital’s Lord Of The Jewels mixtape (check that future classic out here). Thaiboy, of the Gravity Boys clique, has become a consistent collaborator of Lean’s and the two have been cooking up quite a few tracks with each other recently.

This cut boasts a typically extraterrestrial trap beat and appropriately absurd raps that remind us that, thanks to the internet, it’s now possible for a bunch of Swedish kids to listen to some Gucci Mane, spit on a beat, and then create their own trap empires. The song’s hook also features the lyrics “my future’s looking brighter than my urine test” – after Thaiboy’s recent immigration woes, let’s hope that chorus implies good things for the rapper’s future.

Dan Pardalis

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