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Weekly updates

We’ve been blasting Londoner Little Simz’ E.D.G.E in the office since it dropped midway through last year and I’ve been vibing off her AGE 101 mixtapes in the space between then and now. If you haven’t heard her or don’t know why I’m telling you this, it’s because she’s got that vaguely UK grime flow matched up against futuristic beats and deep, reflective lyrical content that forms an instantly recognisable musical identity. In short, we wanna see her blow up and it doesn’t look like she’s going to need a catalyst to achieve that in a matter of years.

In the interim, her new project, SPACE AGE, with fellow young guns Josh Arcé, Chuck 20, and Tilla Arcé is fire. And believe me on that because I hate using that fucking adjective when it comes to rap but I can’t think of anything that could more concisely convey to you how dope The Theory Of… is. Seriously, opening track ‘No Pressure’ launches straight into Simz having a conversation with herself that contextualises the whole release in eight bars and it only builds from there as the other features drop in.

Even better, they’ve released SPACE AGE’s debut on Bandcamp’s ‘name your price’ system. So you know, stream it and if you like it, be a little bit generous. Grab it here!