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The guys at Perth-based retailer Lo-Fi are branching out from straight apparel-slinging and have launched a new creative project, which calls upon the talents of like-minded artists, musos, designers for special collections. Australian-based (and aptly named) artist Tropical Hi-Fi helps kick things off for their debut mix. “Tropical Hi-Fi speaks through a sound that reflects the remote landscapes” and this is mirrored by the sounds featured in the mix which seem to take cues from the nature of tropical environments and its inhabitants, structured by a steady pace and smooth transitions that carry you through.

Lo-Fi are also releasing a range of collaborative short- and long-sleeve tees, which draw inspiration from the living mythology of Oceania, which not only ties in perfectly with the music but also that breezy west coast life we hear so much about. Have a listen to the mix and let the sounds of Tropical Hi-Fi set your mind at ease whilst taking you on a wonderfully strange journey.

The Lo-Fi x Hi-Fi collab is available now.

  • Words: Bolaji Teniola

Weekly updates