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Weekly updates

Man, we miss out on some good shit, being in the opposite time zone to the US. I woke up to my Twitter feed blowing up with M.I.A. retweeting the hell out of her fans, who were all psyched about a documentary teaser which went up on Youtube recently (and has already been taken down). According to the internet, the short video included archival footage of the Matangi singer, Diplo, Kanye West, Spike Jonze and Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine.

There’s apparently been some drama with the powers that be (i.e. Interscope and Roc Nation) in regards to the doco’s production and distribution and it looks like there’s been an indefinite freeze placed on the project.

At this stage, those of us not privy to the video will just have to believe how good it was and that the record execs follow through with the completed film. Otherwise, maybe M.I.A.’s Kickstarter idea (below) might not be such a bad move.


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