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We know that Victoria police can get pretty creative with their law enforcement tactics but this news takes the cake. It’s reported that Senior Constable Scott Giles broke up a teenagers’ rap battle in Melbourne’s suburbs by basically entering the rap battle himself. In footage that was allegedly captured over the weekend, a pretty big group of teens is seen engaging in a rap battle at a local park. While things aren’t getting too rowdy (at least from the brief footage that is being circulated through media outlets), it obviously looks like the authorities were called to disperse the crowd.

Feeling a little creative, the officer in question decides to enter the group and drop a few choice lines of his own. “What I’m gonna have to do is ask you to move on / ‘Cause if you don’t move on, police drop the bomb.” Perhaps unexpectedly, the crowd absolutely loses their shit (in a good way) and that’s where the footage ends. There hasn’t been any further word on whether Senior Constable Giles will be pursuing this career move on the side but we’ll be keeping an ear out for more news. You can watch the footage here.


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