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MF DOOM promises return in 2016

The rapper is chillin’ like a villain in the Caribbean

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Illusive rapper MF DOOM has been flying under the radar recently but Hypetrak managed to track him down and even get the masked villain on camera for a quick update for his fans. The rapper has been chilling on some idyllic island in the Carribean, and looks to be living the life, but he’s assured us all that he’s “getting ready to come through and fuck y’all up” next year.

The instrumental may sound familiar, as it was recently dropped for Adult Swim with Ghostface Killah, under their DOOMSTARKS offshoot. DOOM didn’t provide any more details about this collab either, so we’ll just have to wait and see what eventuates in the new year.

One new piece you can actually cop for yourself, however, is the New Era collab cap that can be seen in the clip, which will see a release at select retailers on December 4.

Weekly updates