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Weekly updates

Rumours surrounding a possible collab between MIA and Italian luxury brand Versace have been in overdrive since the artist gave a talk at NY’s PS1 gallery last weekend and as she messed with the projection from her laptop her messy desktop was revealed momentarily to the world with folders titled ‘Versace prints’ and ‘Versace outlines’.

She later confirmed she would be collaborating with the brand but at this point it’s not clear as to just what this will involve. I would dare say prints and outlines are probably on the table! The partnership with the brand isn’t really surprising given MIA’s personal style. Both loud, graphic and colourful, I think the collaboration marks an exciting new chapter for the brand. While it’s always had its charm and appeal, the brand has kinda ridden on the coat-tails of its 80s notoriety and is definitely on the euro-trash side of the graphic aesthetic, which they do oh-so well, but it will be nice to see the brand taken to more of an edgy contemporary place.

MIA actually had a shortlived fashion label in the past called Okley Run which launched at New York fashion week. It will be interesting to see how this partnership evolves. At any rate, this partnership is a lot more inviting than the other rumoured collaborator, Lana Del Ray.