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Although Jay-Z cops most of the credit (and criticism) for Magna Carta Holy Grail, there’s a slew of others whose hearts and souls went into the album alongside Hov’s. To honour those people, Myspace got familiar with the notably extensive genealogy, explaining the names behind the magic that is MCHG. Either that or Myspace predicted and wrote Jay’s upcoming grammy acceptance speech in painstaking detail, including shout outs to Wifey and baby.

The feature deconstructs the album credits in their entirety and explains the level of involvement for each player on the MCHG team: personnel, producers, features, engineers, studios and sample tracks. So you, the listener, can appreciate the magnitude of talent jammed behind the scenes of that tracklist.

Check it out¬†if you feel like you haven’t done anything productive during the day and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with submerging oneself in a wealth of knowledge, or if you want to feel bad about yourself because you weren’t producing tracks for Jay-Z when you were sixteen.