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It’s getting hella spooky with the drop of these two new film clips from GNOD and Carnage feat. ILoveMakonnen respectively.

First off the rank is GNOD’s video for their track ‘Breaking The Hex, which was taken from their 2015 album Infinity Machines, released on Rocket Recordings. The clip itself was directed by KHOM, who has gone with a year 12 human biology class from hell kind of vibe. Laying GNOD’s psychedelic instrumentation over ominous footage of the band, amidst a myriad of images displaying surgical procedures and utensils, uncovered human organs, what appears to be blood being administered into a solution, and culminating in the band themselves performing some sort of archaic experiment on a brain.

Most frames of the clip appear to be a mixture of archival footage and lo-fi, generated, patterns or projections. While the rest is footage of the band being generally terrifying and dark. This is absolutely the stuff of nightmares that will no doubt leave you sleeping with one eye open for the next few nights.

The Second video to drop is Carnage Feat. ILoveMakonnen’s ‘I Like Tuh’. The Colin Tilley directed clip takes us on a journey through the violent lives of the local drug dealers of a nondescript small town in America, with a high rate of twins (apparently). More like a short-film than your classic film clip layout, ‘I Like Tuh’ is a violent and bloody 10 minutes that sucks the viewer into its sick storyline. Beginning with the introduction and subsequent murders of two drug dealing Elvis impersonators, the clip then follows two, Adidas tracksuit clad, drug dealers on their journey selling the pills and subsequently falling in love and partying it up with the song’s artists. Culminating in a explosive bloodbath. Cautionary tale of drug abuse or just textbook Makonnen crazy? You decide.

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