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Weekly updates

TDE has officially added its first female member, and with her airy aesthetic and penchant for florals she’s fit to be a good non-hip-hop match for the Black Hippy Crew. Almost completely contrasting other TDE members like Schoolboy Q, SZA compares her pop & B style to Bjork and LFO with a Miles Davis soundtrack. The college-educated marine biologist grew up in New Jersey and says most of her teenage angst involved getting caught smoking pot and skipping gym class. She started playing around with music by freestyling  over instrumentals a year ago and releasing a mixtape called See.SZA.Run. Now she’s signed amongst talent like Kendrick Lamar and working with Holy Other and Emile Haynie, who have done production work for Lana Del Rey, Kid Cudi and fun. So get familiar with the wild-haired singer/songwriter by listening to Teen Spirit and streaming the S mixtape below.