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And just like that, it’s all over. Taylor Swift was quick to fire off against a perceived diss from Nicki Minaj regarding the recently revealed VMA nominations but it’s only taken about a day and, what felt like, the entire internet’s involvement to encourage a public apology from the pop singer.

While there is definitely a legitimate wider issue at play—the ongoing debate about what race plays in the entertainment industry—the URL interactions of the last couple of days can only be described as people getting into their feelings. Nicki was obviously hurt and offended by her exclusion from Video Of The Year, Taylor felt like Onika took shots at her, Ed Sheeran commented in support of his fellow #squad member, Katy Perry jumped in because why wouldn’t she?

As ‘heated’ as things got online, these celebrities proved they were humans first and did the logical grown-up thing. Unlike other recent social media scuffles, Nicki got over her inital issues and accepted the apology and the whole thing is presumably water under the bridge. We’ll wait to see what actually happens at the VMAs though—especially if Tay gets that Video of the Year nod. But for now, in the words of Nicki Minaj, “Let’s move on.”

Check out how the Twitter exchange came to an end in the gallery above.

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