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Weekly updates

When Dr. Dre’s former sidekick, Snoop, announced his ‘spiritual rebirth’ following his return from a pilgrimage to Jamaica, the decision to switch from G-Funk to Reggae and the adoption of a new surname for his public moniker, he was met with a fairly cynical reaction from the media, who suspected this to be nothing more than a weed-inspired publicity stunt. I say otherwise…

5. Sponsorship
Sources close to Snoop revealed that Apple offered him $10 million to change the last part of his nom d’ plume to announce the launch of their latest desktop OS, titled Mountain Lion.

4. Memory loss
After a lifetime of puffin’ on trees, Calvin’s short-term memory ain’t so hot. Rather than trying to remember twenty years worth of old raps, chanting random reggae lyrics must seem like a walk in the park.

3. Voice-over work
The rise of big budget animated films means there is a lot of chedder available in the voice-over game. Perhaps Snoop figured that the name change might tip the scales in his favour when Disney inevitably cast The Lion King 3’…

2. New album title opportunities
Having already run out of cheesy canine-related puns (The Doggfather, Doggystyle, The Doggumentary), adapting a new spirit animal opens up a whole new world of corny potential. ‘Snoop Goes Roar’, ‘Quit Ya Lion’ and ‘The Mane Event’ all spring to mind.

1. T-Shirts
Calling yourself the new Bob Marley seems like a no-brainer, considering that the Long Beach swap meets are still hawking t-shirts with his grill on them, decades after his death. Sales of the Snoop Dogg clothing range didn’t exactly set the world on fire, so merchandising potential of tie-die Snoop Lion tee shirts is tough to deny. It’s unclear if he will abandon coaching Little League football to embrace the round ball of the World Game, however.

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