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First of all, I know what you’re thinking – who the hell goes to the Grammy Museum? With that acknowledgement aside, it’s time to address the fact that some guy who goes by “Paz” (you may remember him from that time he fucked over a whole heap of Justin Bieber fans) has photoshopped images of himself and strewn them across the Grammy Museum in LA. This includes a photo of himself delightfully eating/pretending to eat a taco while Bad Gal does her thing on stage.

It doesn’t end there though, he snuck in other various food-related images of himself onto the walls of the museum, including a whole section dedicated to how burritos elevate music production. He also managed to somehow smuggle a 4 foot tall photo of himself holding a bunch of Grammys that he won presumably for his ode to Mexican food.

Only one museum-goer noticed and asked a security guard who Paz was, in which he answered he’s “probably from One Direction“, despite One Direction never having won or been nominated for a Grammy.

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