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Well, it looks like we’re going to Falls. The organisers of one of our favourite camping festivals low-key announced that Childish Gambino will not have any sideshows when he comes down for the New Years celebrations.

Literal tears.

I guess it’s time to start cracking open those piggy banks, finding that loose change under your car seat, or working those extra shifts because if you’re anything like the ‘Bino fans that have flooded timelines since the news was revealed last week, you probably don’t want to miss seeing him live again. The full line-up will by announced by the festival on August 23, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t matter who else is added. I mean, you had already decided to go, right?

Nothing can top Gambino. Keep up-to-date on the Falls website for ticket info. For now, let’s listen to some of his tunes in the gallery above and pray to the high heavens that he changes his mind about those sideshows.

Weekly updates