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People crowd-funded the royalties for the dude that made ‘The Amen Break’

Six seconds of bashing the drums for one man has resulted in almost 50 years of drum samples for the world

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‘The Amen Break’ is a sound you will have heard, no doubt, multiple times in your life, perhaps in hip-hop and or techno, or even drum and bass to name a few genres. Like all good samples it deserves credit to its rightful creator, which it has always had. It also deserves payment which it never got… until now, thanks to a DJ who set up The Go Fund Me campaign called “The Winston’s Amen Break Gesture”.

The end result being a payment of 24,000 Euros which is like $36,000 in Aussie dollars (and beyond.) The drummer Gregory C. Coleman who bashed out the iconic piece had sadly passed away nine years ago, which left the ownership to frontman Richard L. Spencer. Richard received the cheque of fan-funded royalties and proceeded to upload a video thanking everyone. The winner here is music.

  • Words: Jack Cain

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