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Weekly updates

As reported by The Detroit News the personal record collection of the late producer James Yancey Aka J Dilla numbering in the thousands has been found by avid record digger Jeff Bubeck. Acquired from an abandoned storage unit Bubeck is selling the records through his own record store UHF and is set to sell them gradually as he continues to sort through the records varying from dollar bin throw-aways to some serious collectables. Jeff has also reached out to Stones Throw Records, the label with which Dilla was working most heavily during his final years, with the intention of providing some of the proceeds to the J Dilla Foundation as currently his attempts to contact anyone from the foundation including Dilla’s own mother Maureen Yancey have been unsuccessful thus far.

For those wishing to own a record once in the possession of the much celebrated late producer this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.