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Weekly updates

I’m a social smoker. So, whenever I hit the town for a heavy drinking session, I chain-smoke like a ’70s rock star and wake up feeling like I’ve been th—t fucked by the Marlboro Man, and in some cases, that’s how Stones Throw is feeling right now. After releasing a low-key, promo cassette for Jonwayne, designed to mimic a pack of Marlboro cigarettes (entitled Cassette) they received a nasty letter in the mail. Unfortunately the big-wigs at the cigarette and junk food giant Philip Morris took offense to the Marlboro-inspired artwork.

Not the kind of label to be held down by chunky, legal documents, Stones Throw quickly moved on and came out with Cassette 2 but I’m a little unsure if they’ve learned their lesson – Coca-Cola INC’s law firm might be firing up their printers any second now…

Cassette 2 is dope by the way.

Scroll across for the artwork in question, the cease & desist letter and Stones Throw’s defiant new Cassette 2 design.

Much love to Stones Throw.