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PREMIERE: Maina Doe Tells Us to Slow Down in Her Live Performance of ‘Overtime’

A warm, low-lit room sets the pace for the Sydney artist’s crooning, buttery vocals.

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It’s been almost a year since Maina Doe’s debut single ‘Delusion’ was released under her new handle, having previously wandered the Sydney-scene as Nasra. With a new name and new track, the artist delved into the conjoining worlds of jazz, R&B, neo-soul and hip hop, going on to release slow jams like ‘Unwritten Laws’ alongside Genesis Owusu, and ‘See Me’ next to Jay Cooper, Aywy and Selasie Wussah. Owning a sound described as ‘21st-century melancholy’, Maina Doe’s music has a recurring touch of existentialism, or maybe it’s subtle self-awareness—her lyrics showcase a grip on the mindset of someone still figuring out their place in the world, perhaps just on the verge of it.

No better example of this comes through the live session of her latest track, ‘Overtime’. It’s low lit lounge music that’s sensual and slow, as Maina pulls you into an exposition of whites and golds. She sings in a purposeful slow croon “I don’t gotta prove I’m somebody / I exist” as she begs somebody, perhaps herself, to think and find clarity. In the accompanying journal entry pictured above, Maina Doe intertwines her prose with her performance, discussing the mindset behind her song, “I wrote this song to soothe me, I listen to it to remind me to slow down”.

In a shared period of time that has forced us into moments of introspection, Doe’s slow-burning lullaby is a track made just for them.

Follow Maina Doe here for more and check out the video for ‘Overtime’ below.

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