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ATTN club goers: Melbourne producer OSKR has sacrificed his debut single for free download to save you from the recent influx of juiceheads and wigglers! Flipping one off to the doof and doing a reverse Miley, Control is a smooth blend of breathless vocals between atmospheric chords and sharp synthesised bass. Despite its name, Control is the furthest thing from a Joy Division track, passing up the sombre post punk tone for some feel-good atmospheric vibes in preparation for your upcoming summer sweat sessions.

Check the cozy girl cover art, she sure looks like wifey material to me. Picture yourself in marle sweats, as your soon-to-be bride is swishing down the aisle. Oh, it’s also a beach wedding, and the waves are crashing and all your guests are babes and have their hands in the air. Now set Control as the soundtrack for the bridal march. Yep, I know you feel me. Whatever you’re feeling in your heart, body, mind and soul right now – that basically sums up this track.

We’re hyped to premiere this debut track from OSKR’s forthcoming, self-titled EP due for release in 2014. Let OSKR make you feel some type of way. Listen to Control below: