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REMI’s Guide to the Melbourne Music Scene

To celebrate the release of their new AA side, the Melbourne duo talk us through their picks from the local scene.

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Weekly updates

Melbourne hip-hop duo REMI have just delivered a double dose of the good good, in the form of ‘Elevate’ and ‘Get It Right’ feat. Jace Excell, released via their own imprint House of Beige Records. The AA-side gives a toast to the pair’s long-standing chemistry and a 6-year run that has cemented their OG status in Australia’s hip-hop scene. The two new singles come with the news of a forthcoming album titled Fried, out April 24.

To celebrate the release of their new music, we caught up with the Melbourne rapper/producer duo to get some insight on which local acts they’re giving the co-sign lately.

Listen to the new AA Side ‘Elevate/Get It Right’ here and follow REMI for more.

01. Jace Excel

Jace is an unbelievable—and in my opinion under-utilised talent. From his runs to his melody choice and raw power, his vocal ability is unmatched. He’s contributed to so many amazing bodies of work and performed with everyone from Sampa to Hiatus Kaiyote. My favourite thing he’s created (apart from ‘Get It Right’) is the Sacrifice EP he made with his brother Silent Jay.

02. Silent Jay

J might be the greatest musician we have in Australia. True to his name, he moves in silence but his music drowns out any noise you put in front of it. He executive produced Sampa’s The Return. His beats are literally playing in the staple centre right now. He helped curate the Sunny Side Up record. His Sacrifice EP with Jace is stupid. His beat tapes are stupid and this is just the shit he’s been credited for. If you don’t know about him by name, you’ve probably heard his music by now.

03. Mwanje

My niece is coming up. Mwanje just has the thing. She sings so effortlessly. Her beat selection is exceptional. Her knowledge is beyond her years. But her ability to curate is something people are yet to fully realise. It’s one thing to be a powerhouse, but to be a powerhouse who can separate themselves from their ego and choose people to make the team stronger is a whole other thing. So excited for her future.

04. Thando

Thando’s the hardest working and probably the most thorough person we’ve ever worked with. This is clear when you hear her sing. True greats don’t sing notes. They emote. The feeling is everything. This is what I hear from Thando. When she lets loose, its over for you.

05. Baro

I feel like this is Baro’s year. I’m so proud of him. His new music is fucking unbelievable and it’s still being finished. The world got a taste of what Baro’s been hibernating and working on when ‘Hand Me Downs’ was released and there’s so much more to come. He’s a visionary. He sees shit in his mind and has an entirely unique way of presenting it. He’s been one of my favourite artists since I met him 6 years ago. Look out for Baz.