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Weekly updates

While not exactly breaking news, it’s worth noting that Rick Ross, one of the few headliners actually left on the Supafest lineup won’t be coming out for the event at all. A no show for all of the gigs so far, this is another fatal blow for what seems to be a cursed year for the urban event. The old adage of if it seems too good to be true, than it probably is, Supafest went from being the biggest urban event ever to be staged in the country to just another page in the hefty tome of failed commercial hip-hop, RnB events in Oz.

According to Ross’ camp the Maybach Music Group:
“Ross was looking forward to touching the people of Australia [oh I bet he was], this event as it is the one of biggest urban festivals in Australia, he is very disappointed that he will not be performing. It is unfortunate that the payment arrangements did not meet contractual deadlines.”

Supafest promoters argue that’s bullshit…
Rick Ross has been paid in full and contracted, but failed to show up in Brisbane this morning with no reason from management and no official cancellation or word from his management. The promoter has been calling them all morning trying to find out why and to see if he will get on the plane for the final two shows.

The Missy and Diddy cancellations last week don’t make this argument look too strong but whatever the truth is, one thing’s for sure the whole situation is a HOT MESS.  It’s sad that an urban event of this size and caliber couldn’t make it fruition in this country. At least my Saturday just opened up I guess.