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It’s been over a decade since the second Christmas Special of The Office aired in the UK and around the world. The episode marked the end of the UK series and the beginning of its US interpretation, featuring Steve Carell playing the role of the delusional-yet-oddly-loveable boss, David Brent.

BBC Films and Ricky Gervais are set to start production on a feature-length film in 2015. According to BBC Films, Brent has been working as a travelling sales rep since his Wernham Hogg redundancy. Fans of Gervais’ signature style of black comedy will be pleased to know that Brent hasn’t given up on his dream of becoming a rock star. The upcoming film, Life on the Road, is set to follow Brent’s pursuit to establish himself as a professional musician and finance his own UK tour.

Gervais’ ability to balance laugh-out-loud humour with visions of desperate mediocrity has established him as one of the great comedy writers of our time. Following the success of his last series, Derek, Gervais fans would no doubt be excited to hear the return of the zeitgeist David Brent character from the original UK television series.