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RZA has given Ghostface Killah the reigns for next Wu-Tang album

"Let the best-qualified man go ahead and do the job."

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RZA has long been hailed as the default leader of Wu-Tang Clan, producing almost all of the groups albums for over 20 years. But in an interview with Sway’s show on SiriusXM, RZA revealed he wouldn’t be taking the lead if the Killa Bees reunited (again).

When asked by a caller about the next Wu-tang album RZA said, “You’ve gotta address those questions to Ghostface Killah. He’s taken control over that.” Elaborating, RZA stated, “I told Ghost, if y’all want to do it again, let’s put it in his hands. He’s been the most prolific, the one that’s really got two feet on the ground in music. Let the best-qualified man go ahead and do the job.”

Ghostface Killah is one of the Wu’s most poetic rappers with emotive, fast paced flow and that signature, cryptic stream-of-consciousness lyrical prowess that makes the Ironman one of the world’s most revered MCs.

In an interview with Hip Hop DX, Pretty Toney described being put in charge for the next album as “a big test” and explained “my ears are my judgment. My heart tells me what’s right.”

So with over 400 million albums sold worldwide and seven gold and platinum studio albums under their belt, it sounds like it’s up to the Ghostface Killah to bring the ruckus for Wu-tang.

Watch the whole interview in the gallery above or skip forward to the 24-minute mark to hear RZA talk about Ghostface Killah taking the reigns for the next album and remember, Wu-Tang Forever.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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