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Weekly updates

In our third instalment of Selects: Music To Work To, the multitalented artist/designer Callum Preston shares a selection of music that motivates his work.

“Since I have been living in Seattle for almost two years I’ve been exposed to a lot more local music here,” says Callum on his choice of Music To Work To. He shot photographs of his travels around the US in Issue #26 of ACCLAIM, and here he selects some tracks from Seattle locals, Australian rock classics, Melbourne musicians and ‘nerdy white guys’.  Having chosen a track by Something For Kate and previously designed t-shirts for them, he says: “…it’s those kinds of moments when I realise how stoked Teenage Me would be with what I’m doing now, that cements for me that I’m onto a good thing.” The playlist ends with a track renown for its part in Back to the Future trilogy: “Any fan of the movie will attest, the opening note hits, and you are taken away to a much better place—Hill Valley CA—and you can mark this down in writing that I will one day own a DeLorean.”

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