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Weekly updates

Melbourne-based bedroom producer and beat-maker who we interviewed in While Other’s Sleep in Issue 26, DOS4GW, SELECTS this week’s playlist of our Music To Work To Series.

Introducing his playlist Dos explains: “As I’m working as a contractor at the moment, I spend half my work days on-site with clients, wearing a suit and doing serious business. The other half are spent at home in my office/studio in my pyjamas. This means I have the music selection all to myself, which I think makes my work playlist a lot more dorky than it would be if other people were in the same space. Anyway… yeah. Fuck you. I’m very much an album guy, so check out the albums these tracks come from too.”

The playlist, from the dark techstep of SPL to the ‘brutal’ metal of Meshuggah, DOS4GW says is the “…perfect soundtrack to the afternoon on a workday, to a lazy weekend breakfast, or for staring at the ceiling fan after too much acid.”

Listen to the Cloudcast above or head to our Mixcloud Channel to listen to all of the SELECTS mixes (or stream it through your iPhones and Androids through the smart-phone app.)