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“I work from many locations but only really use music when I’m in studio or prepping at home,” says Melbourne-based fashion photographer Gen Kay of her Music To Work To playlist.

She shot the Custom Made photo editorial in Issue 26 of ACCLAIM with effortless cool and her SELECTS mix brings us the same style – starting with Azealia Banks. “Who needs coffee to get them going for early morning starts when you can put this track on repeat?” she says of Bank’s debut track, 212, launching into more hip-hop, she says she had Jay Z’s Show Me What You Got running through her head whilst shooting the Princess of Monaco! Her choice of Sonic Youth’s Teenage Riot she says: “I love photographing teenagers, it’s such a short period of time in people’s lives that is so potent. This song just encapsulates that time for me.” On the dirty rock ‘n’ roll of Stray Cat Blues by the Rollling Stones Gen Kay says she used the track for the visuals of the first super 8 film she shot.

Finishing up with the Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson singing Surf’s Up in a home demo, she sincerely notes: “Probably the most raw and vulnerable recording I’ve ever heard that just breaks your heart into small pieces, yet gives you hope in humanity and it’s achievements.”

Check out Gen Kay’s playlist above or head to our Mixcloud Channel to listen to all of the SELECTS mixes or you can play it through their iPhone app and they have JUST dropped the Android equivalent here.