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Weekly updates

When Perth-based James Whineray isn’t skating, you’re likely to find him photographing ‘peculiar individuals, out bush, or listening to the latest gangsta rap release’, along with finding time to blog here at ACCLAIM.

In Issue 26, the DIY issue of ACCLAIM, he taught us how to turn a pile of bricks and concrete into something skate-able and now he gives us his Music To Work To Playlist. “Work music needs to excite me,” he says. “When I’m excited I get motivated, and energy comes out of everywhere. Here’s a coupla tunes to get some shit done.” From German progressive rock from the ’70s to Kanye to Swedish pop, his SELECTS will have you working and raving, possibly aggressively.

Listen to James’ playlist above or head to our Mixcloud Channel to listen to all of the SELECTS mixes (unless you’ve got an iDevice and you can play it through their app.)