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In Issue 26 of ACCLAIM, we chat to Kara Messina, the designer behind Y’OH, a London-based streetwear label that she says draws influences from skaters, vivid African prints, hip-hop and grime, and the music she has selected for her SELECTS Music To Work To playlist.

Kicking off with The Prodigy, “this song just about sums up my energy levels in the morning,” she says, before playing some “blood pumping” UK grime and then the first cassette she ever bought—Snoop Dogg. On her choice of Nas, her critique is design-induced: “got mad love for his style. Nas was one of the best dressed rappers of the 90s.” Of the Chromatics, she says the video is all about “the beat, the clothes they wear, the moves… it’s kinda spellbinding.” Finishing off with Biggie/Lil’ Kim she says she says “she thought she’d save the best ’til last”.

Head over to our Mixcloud Channel to listen to all of the SELECTS mixes (unless you’ve got an i-something and you can play it through their app), and check out their Mix Series List they’ve put together featuring ACCLAIM, we’re in good company!