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Weekly updates

“I work with a bunch of other peeps and kind of bullied my way into being the music selector for the whole room. So my work playlist tends to tread more conservative lines than if I worked alone. More rock, punk, soul and funk. Less dubstep, grime, Oz hip-hop, audio books or talk show podcasts,” says Mexi the Creative Director of Antics Intl, of our last playlist of our Music To Work To Series.

From the ‘classic Low Rider Oldie’ of Frank Karl & The Dreams to Shag’s 60’s garage rock anti-drug song to Ciecmate’s Up Up & Away, which Mexi says is the exception to his self imposed ‘no Oz hip-hop rule’. “At just under 2 mins, Up Up & Away is a banger! I love his delivery on this track. All That There Is To Say is probably the most introspective I’ve ever heard Ciecmate. I’m good homies with him and really enjoy the honesty in this track.”

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