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Weekly updates

ACCLAIM is proud to present the brand new weekly feature, Selects, via our very own Mixcloud. Our new series is playable not only online via our streaming channel but also on your iPhone via the Mixcloud App (Sorry Android users no app for you yet, once there is though we’ll let you know).

Bouncing off Issue 26: The DIY Issue, the playlists in this series are selected to inspire the DIY spirit in you and yours, whether you work from home, are sneaking an iPod under your desk, or downright subjecting everyone in your office to your musical taste (strongly encouraged). From record label directors to models, each selection is interestingly different. We’ve even asked them to take a photo of their main musical device, and yes, they are all Macbooks, which gives you an insight into their style along with their taste.

The first in the series of Selects: Music To Work To features Roid. An artist and graffiti writer based in London, he says music has always been a noticeable influence in his artwork – drawing particular inspiration from 1980’s electronica. Roid’s work appeared in our feature on boutique creative agency and indie publisher Topsafe London. Whilst holing up in his studio to prepare for his debut show he has selected a playlist that varies from synth-pop to classic house. “I once had a pretty mundane job in the city, so mundane that I decided I would spend as little time working as possible and as much time as I could spending my (not so) hard earned cash on electro and Italo disco records on Ebay”, he says of his collection. “Bizarre, nonsensical lyrics over a catchy melody and smooth down tempo beat. The sort of stuff I could play all day.”

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